After three trips with Malcolm (North Vietnam, East Africa and Mekong/Cambodia), and with a fourth booked, I am obviously very happy with the number and range of opportunities to capture excellent images, probably the best offerings in photographic tours I’ve found in my travels.   His organization works very well in the background, and it is very obvious that much time and care have been put into making the best use of the range of possibilities available.   Malcolm’s knowledge of both photography and of the regions visited contributes greatly to the success of his tours.   And he is always ready to share this knowledge with others, to enable them to capture the best images they can. This is not to say that the tours aren’t also very enjoyable for the personal interactions, delicious meals, and very adequately comfortable (or usually better!) facilities provided. Especially for keen photographers, Malcolm’s tours certainly get my vote!

Patricia B – Sydney, Australia



2014 East Africa jointly led photographic tour

Our African trip was very well organised and you looked after us like a dad.. thank you. Even though people worry about Africa I felt totally safe at all times. We were very lucky to see so much wild life. The lodges were great, but I loved the tented site at Lake Eyasi and enjoyed the walk with the bushmen.

Patricia S – Somersby , Australia

I certainly haven’t packed in nearly as many amazing experiences in that time as I did on your wonderful tour in Africa. Thank you so much for all your efforts in providing such a well organised tour. It was a delight not to have to worry about anything. I was most impressed with the accommodation, the food, the drivers, the variety of places we visited and the amazing amount of wildlife we saw. All in all a nicely balanced holiday.

Jane – Double Bay, Australia

I have just returned from the East Africa/Zanzibar photography trip which saw us witness everything from a wildebeest crossing in the Serengeti, sighting of the ‘Big 5’ and everything in between. A truly well organized wonderful trip.  This was just amazing. I am ‘seriously happy’.

Julie B – Bateau Bay, Australia

The best way I can express how I felt about that experience was a thought, not expressed, after a comment made by our hot air balloon flight over the Masai Mara. He said we were lucky to see all the animals as such a view was only seen for about 8 days of the year. I thought to myself that it was not luck but the result of the planning that you had put into our trip.  After last years trip (2013) I wrote to say it was the trip of a lifetime. During both the trips I have had some experiences, just so memorable and I recognise that I have been so fortunate to have them.

Ken F – Glenbrook, Australia

 Spotlight on Asia

2014 Namibia photographic tour

Just to let you know that Sandy and I so much enjoyed the Namibia tour with you in May/June. We were delighted with the balance between wildlife, people, architectural, derelict and scape photo opportunities that you scheduled in. The unique arranged shoots in the Zemba and Himba tribal villages were a particular stand-out as was the night and dawn shoot of the quiver tree forest…….  in fact come to think of it every day was a strand-out! This is the third tour we’ve done with you; your knack of finding excellent opportunities away from the crowds and flexibility with the schedules to maximize the group experience and capture unique shots on the paths less trodden is a guarantee that we will be traveling again with you. Many thanks for a great trip Malcolm.  

John & Sandy O – Baulkham Hills, Australia

The 2014 trip to Namibia was a small group self drive tour that allowed us the opportunity to stop when and where needed for that special photograph. Malcolm also encouraged the start and finish times to get the best experience possible when photographing special feature, animals, and people.

The countryside of Namibia is a kaleidoscope of colours, stunning beauty and diversity. The drive up the Skeleton coast with its foreboding seascape and occasional wrecks would surprise you that anyone would want to sail in it.  Accommodation was excellent considering the remoteness of the location with stunning views and great-uncomplicated food. Some accommodation had waterholes nearby which enabled you to observe the wildlife and their activities at your own leisure. The people we met were friendly and quite photogenic. The wildlife experience throughout the journey was special but in Etosha National Park and Erindi Game Reserve at times you felt you could open the doors and let them pass through.

An experience I will never forget.

Ian A – Faulconbridge, Australia






2014 India jointly led photographic tour

Thank you for putting together and leading a wonderful trip.  It went very well, I thought.  Not even rain in Varanasi could dampen the magic of that city. The accommodation was good – sometimes luxurious –  the food wonderful, and of course I loved the cultural itinerary.

Sandra S – Dee Why, Australia

Thank you for our expertly led trip to India !  It was, indeed, a fantastic, noisy, chaotic and fascinating cultural experience. The friendly Indian people have left us with indelible memories of their diverse, busy & colourful lives. As always your professionalism & attention to detail made the trip flow smoothly. Now we face the daunting task of sorting over 12,000 images !!! Thanks again for a truly wonderful insight into India and its people.

Des & Robyn L – Wattle Grove, Australia

My trip to India – I enjoyed it and I now appreciate what I have and where I live, more than ever. I thought the trip was well planned and we had good guides to be on hand and to assist when needed.  We learnt a lot and saw and lot and definitely saw places that not a lot of tourists would get to.

Jeff – Freshwater,  Australia

2013 Namibia jointly led photographic tour

Thank you for such a great trip to Africa. We had a wonderful time & are really looking forward to going to India in February with you…but it will be hard to’ top’ the African Experience ! I was quite apprehensive about going on game drives in open vehicles, but surprised myself as I actually felt very comfortable sitting right beside lions & cheetahs. However, I must admit that some elephants got a bit too close for my liking at times. All the organisation and accommodation throughout the trip was first class all the way.

Des & Robyn L – Wattle Grove, Australia

Just a small note to say “thank You” for taking us on such a wonderful trip across Southern Africa- Namibia, and introducing us to such exciting scenery. So different to here in Australia and the tribes living in their own environment.   Each and every day we were rewarded with great photo opportunities.   The choice of hotels and lodges superb.

Alf W – Mona Vale, Australia

 Thank you for guiding me to places that provided some of the most exciting and memorable moments in my life.

Ken -F  Glenbrook, Australia

Such an amazing holiday !!  I tried to think of the highlights, which were Victoria Falls and Muchenje , but each had their own unique appeal and every day something exciting .   The accommodation  was very well thought out and fantastic !!   Thanks for all your care and expertise.  Everything went very smoothly due to your professionalism.

Marie W – Mona Vale, Australia